ABC's of Selling with Etiquette!

Do you want more people to listen to you, to accept your ideas? They will, when you know HOW to be MORE PERSUASIVE! Persuasion is good, and this little, 124-page book explains precisely how it works and what you need to say to get your way.

It's a fact that millions of salespeople, as well as: parents, teachers, preachers, politicians, artists, attorneys, and others spend their days trying to persuade people to accept new ideas. That is "selling", but most people never get well trained to sell. This book can provide that training for new salespeople, and it can sharpen the skills of the professional sales veterans! BOTTOM LINE: It is short, easy to read, fun and packed with useful, practical "how-to" skills.

The essential concepts of selling and business etiquette apply to all people and all circumstances. This book applies to anyone who wants to become more persuasive! A lot of spouses of professional salespeople will be reading this book, just to make things a little more fair!

Dale Brakhage applied his degree in Educational Psychology to excel in sales, marketing and advertising. Over 25 successful years, he identified certain behaviors that made sales people successful: Effective selling skills and good business etiquette. His book, ABCs of Selling with Etiquette, explains those selling skills and etiquette in a simple A through Z format. Beginning with "A is for Ask", he explains the skill and how it works to make you more persuasive. The more skills you know and use, the more persuasive you become. Some of the other 26 ABCs of Selling are Benefits, Customers, Enthusiasm, Goals, First impressions, Honesty, No, Price, Questions, Value and Yes. Read this book to become more persuasive and sell more!

In this book, each of the alphabetical letters stands alone. It takes only about 5 minutes to read and understand each letter. This allows busy readers to gain important insights in just minutes at a time. Readers are encouraged to skip around, learning the essential skills and etiquette in any order that makes the most sense to them. Interspersed between the letters are brief, interesting "breaks" that enhance overall understanding and make the book more enjoyable. Fun learning is effective learning. This book presents its ideas in language anyone can relate to, from interns to CEOs.

Readers leave this book understanding how selling works and with practical skills they can use every day to be more persuasive in any situation. The more essential concepts of selling people use, the more persuasive they become. You can learn these skills and start using them for your benefit the same day you begin reading the book!